Puppy Kindy

Puppy Kindy is a four week program for young puppies. Classes focus on owner education, socialisation with dogs and people, and positive training in basic skills

dog1Puppy Kindy will help you

  • Deal with everyday puppy issues like mouthing, jumping up, and toilet training
  • Raise a well-adjusted, confident pup through positive socialization
  • Build self-control and focus in your new dog
  • Answer questions on feeding, health, and puppy management

When Classes Start

Puppies may begin the program from 9 to 15 weeks of age. New classes begin twice per month on Mondays at 6:30. Pre-enrolment is strictly required, download the application form to book or call  5591 7048 to book your place.

To attend, puppies must be current in their vaccination schedule and have been in their new home for at least one week after purchase. The course fee is $55, which includes four 50 minute classes and a course manual.


What to bring along (Assuming you have pre enrolled)

  • Your hungry puppy (please don’t feed your puppy before class)

  • Current vaccination certificate (must be sighted before your puppy can start)

  • A completed enrollment form or class confirmation

  •  Lots of small yummy treats ( we recommend something soft and easy to digest)

  • A flat collar (not a check chain) and a soft lead for your puppy

  • Because our grounds are in a public park, we recommend that owners carry their puppies to and from the car until they are fully vaccinated.

  • One well-behaved child per adult may also attend.

    At the conclusion of the four week Puppy Kindy course puppies who are too young to attend our obedience class are invited to join our Juvenile class on Tuesday evenings


Please print and return with payment