Gold Coast Dog Obedience Training Club

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Beginners to advanced

Affordable reward based Obedience classes, Puppy kindy and Agility.
Evening Classes, pre-enrolment required.

Evening Classes, class sizes limited, pre-enrolment required.

Training program for 2018

Monday         –    Puppy Kindy 6:30pm new classes start fortnightly
Tuesday         –    Juvenile Dog class Every Tuesday 7:00pm
Tuesday         –    Agility Classes
Tues & Wed  –   Pet dog training classes. New intake first Wednesday of each month
Wednesday – Advanced obedience classes , Rally-O ,CC3 ,Trial class


Class Prices

-Puppy kindy 4 week class = $55

– Juvenile class $10 per night

– Basic Dog obedience CC1 class 8 weeks $100 or full 14 weeks $150

– Advance training classes ie, rally-O (membership required) $10 per class

– Agility – prep ( membership required +$80)

– Agility Advanced ( membership required) + $10 per night




Training Classes

1. Puppy Kindy (8 weeks to 15 weeks old)2. Juvenile class ( up to 6 mths old)3. Pet dog training classes ( all dogs 6 months +)4. Advanced Obedience5. Agility
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Puppy Kindy 

Puppy Kindy is a four week program for young puppies. Classes focus on owner education, socialisation with dogs and people, and positive training in basic skills Cost is $55 for 4 week course








Juvenile class

This class is for puppies from 14 weeks to 5 months who have attended Puppy Kindy or equivalent but are too young to attend Obedience Class. Cost is 7$ per night








 Pet Dog Training class

Canine Companion Class 1 is an 8 week program for dogs aged five months and older. It is follow by a further 6 weeks in Canine Companion Class 2. Our classes feature the most up-to-date methods of positive motivational training, with a particular focus on the needs of pet dogs and their families. Cost for 8 week class $100 or 14 week course $150







 Advanced Obedience

Gold Coast Dog Obedience Training Club Inc. caters for all levels of obedience from beginning pet manners to competition obedience classes. We use positive methods involving rewards.








 Agility Class

Agility is a fun sport for dogs and their human handlers. The dogs, guided their handlers, must precisely and quickly negotiate a series of obstacles including jumps, tunnels and ramps. It is a great way to keep you and your dog active and fit.

About Us

The Gold Coast Dog Obedience Training Club Inc was established in 1971 and has helped thousands of Gold Coasters train their dogs. Over the years our training methods have changed dramatically from the old “jerk and pull” method using choke chains to exclusively positive methods using rewards and soft collars.

Our Instructors are Club members who, after training their own dogs, have undertaken extensive instructor training. They volunteer their time to teach you how to train your dog; we do not train your dog for you. They will also give advice on dealing with problems you may have with your dog at home. Most instructors have trained one or more of their own dogs to competition standard.

We also develop the skills of handlers and dogs who aspire to compete in obedience and agility. The Club is affiliated with Dogs Queensland and conducts several recognised obedience and agility competitions each year.

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