Rally-o Trial Information

Rally Obedience is a fun form of obedience competition in which the handler can talk to and encourage their dog as much as they wish.  The dog and handler heel their way around a course of signs, performing each exercise when they come to it.  Courses are different at each trial and each level of competition, providing a lot of variety and new challenges.  Rally is a good way to build teamwork and focus to prepare for later obedience competition.

At Novice level, all exercises are on lead and there are 10-15 signs.  Three qualifying scores (75+ out of 100) are required to obtain the Rally Novice (RN) title.  Advanced and Excellent levels follow.  These are performed off lead, have more signs on the course, and there is a wider range of exercises for judges to choose from in constructing courses.

Rally training is offered by the Club on Wednesday nights at 7:00.  The class is for Club members and is open to dogs who have good heeling and focus, which usually means at least several months in Canine Companion Class 3 ( Advanced obedience) first.

This link takes you to the rules for Rally and the signs.


The following titles can be earned in Rally Trials:


Title Name Qualifying Performance
RN Rally Novice 3 qualifying scores of 75 or more points in the Rally Novice Class under at least 2 different judges
RA Rally Advanced 3 qualifying scores of 80 or more points in the Rally Advanced Class under at least 2 different judges
RE Rally Excellent 3 qualifying scores of 80 or more in the Rally Excellent class under at least 2 different judges
RAE Rally Advanced Excellent 10 qualifying scores of 80 or more points in the Rally Advanced B Class and the Rally Excellent B Class at the same trial under at least 2 different judges.
RM Rally Master 7 qualifying scores of 85 points or more in the Rally
Masters class under at least 3 different judges.
RO. CH  Rally Obedience
Upon having been granted the Rally Master Title, in orderto receive the RO.CH Title, a dog must qualify a further 10
times with qualifying scores of 90 or more points in the
Rally Master Class under at least (3) different Judges.


The Rally Obedience Champion title is placed at the front of the dog’s name, all others are after the name.