Club Management

The Club’s Management Committee meets monthly and is responsible for making decisions that affect the running of the Club. Minutes of the meetings are available from the secretary. Membersmay submit issues for discussion to the Secretary for inclusion on the agenda at the next meeting.
The Annual General Meeting is held on the first Tuesday in December each year. All financial members are encouraged to attend and vote on leadership positions for the coming year. Members are urged to take an active role in the club. Positions range from print officer to front desk, catering, instructing, and management committee.

Chief Instructors for Obedience and for Agility manage the Club’s training program.

Management Committee for 2017

President                             Vennetia Miles-Owen

Vice President                   Laurel Weber

Secretary                             Christine Donaldson

Treasurer                             Carol Tierney

Committee Member        Andrew Chapman

Committee Member        John Ford

Committee Member        Laurel Weber

Committee Member        Pauline

Managing Instructors for 2018

Obedience  Chief  Instructor           Missy Armstrong

Deputy                  Cyn D Fisher



Chief Instructor       Lisa Kaddatz

Deputy                          TBC