Club Rules

  • All dogs attending training must be either participating in the recommended vaccination program prescribed by their vet or have their immunity tested and confirmed on a regular basis.
  • If a dog fouls the ground, the owner must clean it up. We recommend carrying a plastic bag for this purpose.
  • Do not let your dog urinate on club equipment or on the building. If an accident should occur, the owner of the dog shall be responsible for the immediate cleaning of same.
  • No smoking or obscene language.
  • Hitting or harsh treatment of dogs will not be tolerated. Positive reinforcement training, using food or toys, is encouraged by the Club.
  • Constant barking by dogs will not be tolerated. Students may soft muzzle their dogs or crate them and cover them to keep them quiet. Students whose dogs are left to continually bark and have received prior warnings will be asked to remove the dog from the grounds.
  • No bitches in season or dogs suffering from infectious diseases allowed.
  • Dogs must be kept on lead and under control.

Please be on time to class and dress in clothing and footwear suitable for training – no bare feet, thongs, dangling jewelry or floppy attire.

  • No handler is allowed to use any equipment unless under the direction of an instructor qualified to take that class or permission has been given by the Chief Agility Instructor.
  • Handlers should be constantly alert to what their dog is doing and take action to prevent incidents.
  • Please do not phone instructors after 8.30pm at night.

Parking: Members are asked not to park in front of the shops in Alicia St. and are not permitted to park in the grounds. Members with multiple dogs are encouraged to bring crates for their dogs, if they feel uncomfortable leaving them in cars parked on the street.
A very limited number of Instructors or Committee members who are teaching or undertaking other duties may be permitted to park on the grounds.

The club operates under a constitution, copies of which can be obtained from the club house.